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observe, it’s another two!

MOOK After Episode 8

same credits as last time :d


Sourin comics? Sourin comics

did I tell you I was obsessed with free! ?

I am.

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18th Birthdays

anyway, this is mostly to share and get around tumblr’s stupid image size limit.

credits to Shiroxkagami for the translations and 背骨 for the original comic!

clean and ts by me, of course

Anime Confession One

I just have a lot of facts to share, so here it goes xD

1) Naruto

I had always had a feeling that Itachi wasn’t a jackass.

Seriously, when that arc came out, I was surprised that a heroic Itachi wasn’t canon until then.

Yup, since I was introduced to the character, I thought that he didn’t go batshit insane and kill everyone, but actually had a reason.



Oh photoshop…

Yes, I was getting tired of the BS that was going on, with people shopping their pictures, and then going on and saying it was all “lighting and angles”. and that “They couldn’t have possibly photoshopped in such a short amount of time.”

Here’s a half an hour shop I did (minus the hour or so I spent watching videos on how to do it)

Yes, half a goddamn hour and this was my first time doing photo manipulation!

This is me. So don’t go being mean and saying I look funny, kay?

Uber basic liquidfy filter, some colouring, smoothing, defined the eyes (and enlarged), but you can still tell it’s me! Unlike some people who bs everything and you have no clue who the hell you’re looking at.


Oh DAMN, I look so derpy. QQ


Sketch I’m calling Flutter…for Flandre Scarlet on Ovipets 😀

Watercolour version!

In Death, As I Cannot in Life

In Death, as I Cannot in Life

His golden eyes traveled to meet hers, and her own watery orbs of delicate silver quivered as a leaf would in the wind. Long, clawed fingers unclenched, and in his palm rested an indigo crescent, lightly scented blooms resting inside and encasement of smooth crystal, a long strand of silver dangled from the apex.

Carefully, he spoke, choosing to softly allow the wind to carry his words. “Will you accept?” His golden gaze hinting at the faintest hope.

Sadly, she shook her head, whispering the response that would drive two hearts to unrepairable fragmentation.

“I cannot.”

Claws twitched minutely tighter around the blue pendent, and that hope flickered into a dim ember, as his twin, fiery suns frosted over, emotions hidden under wavering crystal. “Then, at least, to remember me by.”

Her heart shattered. In a long moment of hushed tension, she gathered her threatening sobs and swallowed them to scream their pain in the depths of her soul.

“I will not.”

The process was complete, and the impenetrable fortress surrounded his very being. Warm daisy center gold froze once again.

He turned on his heel and faded into the dark forest surrounding the castle. Brokenly, she dispaired, “I’m dying, Sesshomaru.”



First up! Naruto fanfiction! Yay!

Summary: It’s just like fate to throw a curveball, giving the youngest Uchiha a twin. A twin who stood for everything the clan was not. Now, all he has left is the girl who survived the massacre.

“Itachi-nii! Who-?” Two children ran into the room, their footsteps stopping in front of the only light in the house. It was something they didn’t want to see, something they didn’t want to believe.

“Itachi-nii-chan… You killed the bad people who did this right? That’s why you have a sword and bloody, right?” Her brother’s impassive face stared back at the little girl, eyes telling that what she wanted to think was just a lie she made up, a lie so she wouldn’t have a reason to hate him. Slowly, she walked towards the tall, bloodied man, not heeding the blood of her parents seeping into her pristinely white dress.

Sasuke hissed, a small hand wrapping around his younger twin’s wrist, “You did this, didn’t you, Aniki? I just want to know… Why?” Despite being in shock, he kept a cool head, resolving to keep his sister safe. After all, he’s done it countless times before, making sure the elders would not use the black sheep child of the clan for experimentation. Like this, Sasuke had been forced to grow up just that much faster, that much stronger.

That much more.


“Nii-chan! Get up! Really, why are you still asleep? You’re usually up before I am!” the midnight haired, obsidian eyed girl twirled a small knife in her hand, easily cutting an apple into eight equal slices, then dropping the pieces into a floating ball of water trailing dutifully behind like a nin-dog summon. Sasuke groaned, eyes fluttering from the intense light of a Konoha summer sun. Still groggy, he sat up, trying to see the clock above his dresser. “Amaya? Ugh, what time is it?” she almost rolled her eyes, “Geez, Nii-chan, it’s almost eight! Hurry up or I’ll eat all your breakfast!”

He blinked a few times, trying to get the sleep from his eyes and to stop the spots that appeared in his vision thanks the sunlight. Despite his habit of waking early, Uchiha Sasuke was not a morning person, leaving him irritable (well, more so) for the first hour after rising from the land of dreams.

Walking into the bathroom, the half-asleep Uchiha stared into his mirror, his reflection showing him a mess of spiked hair. Quickly deciding that he doesn’t give a crap, Sasuke washed up and swiftly made his way toward the front of the house where the kitchen and makeshift dining room was. He pushed the door open, only to find his twin…

Stealing a pancake that was clearly on his plate.

As he stared her down, her arm still stretched across the table –with dark blotches staining its surface- fork in the round disk of breakfast goodness. With a smile, Amaya retracted her arm, thankfully not taking the pancake with it, and beamed an innocent grin at her brother, “Ah, Sasu-nii, I was just about to make good on my threat, your timing is impeccable.”

 Chair legs scraped against the tile flooring, Sasuke slipping easily into the seat. The butter melted slowly, seeping into the dough, then slid off the edge of the cake. A hand waved in front of his face, snapping him from the inner recesses of his mind, “Mou, Nii-chan, try to look more awake, after all, today’s the graduation test.” All she got in return was a deadpan stare that clearly said something about what he thought about that; nothing. The test itself was simple, a few basic jutsu, a taijutsu session, history test and a mentality test. It was easy, nothing like what they had to do before the clan was-

She sighed, midnight blue hair swishing as she twirled to grab the thrice stacked bento she prepared earlier, adding the finishing garnish and wrapped it up in a large baby blue cloth, then hefting it off the counter as Sasuke finished off the last of the milk in his glass. He swiped both the plates and piled all the utensils onto the newly made platform then unceremoniously dumped them in the sink.

Their walk to the academy was peaceful, with the brother and sister attracting plenty of attention, the latter welcoming the waves and smiles; the former death-glaring his way through the crowd. Sasuke sighed, why did his sister need to be so damn nice? They were going to be late at this rate, and they left the house ahead of schedule.

Once the two Konoha Uchiha made it to the stairway descending to the large, rounded desks, they were met with an unwelcome sight.

“Billboard brow, I win, I get to sit beside Sasuke!” The one who spoke was a blond who wore her hair in a ponytail, a large section of hair draping over her right eye was left hanging in front of her face.

A laugh came a second later, “Ha! As if, Ino-pig! My foot was at least a centimeter ahead of yours!” That came from a girl with shockingly pink hair and light, mint green eyes.

The other girls who were already present added their two cents to the growing dogpile of fanatical chaos, soon getting the entire room roaring in disagreement.

From the expression on Sasuke’s face, he was completely resigned to this, not that other people could tell, but living with him since she was born has a way of letting his masked emotions be clear as day to her. Amaya giggled into her hand, “Ne, Nii-chan, I see your fangirls have made their entrance. Pfft..” Like always, he shot her a half-hearted glare; like always, she had to mock him again. “Why don’t you make them all pass out by saying hello?” She hid behind her hand, snickering at her twin’s misfortune. Oh no, it’s not as if she was pushing for him to get a girlfriend or anything, in fact, it was the opposite. It was more of the fact that she knew her more reserved twin would never like anyone like that. Admittedly, she herself was possessive; not wanting her precious brother to deviate his attention to a member of the female gender without her approval, and that was something she was sure no one from this bunch would get. Clinging to the last fragment of her family left within the confining walls of the village, she vowed, if only to herself, that she would never let him go.

The large package of food tucked safely under the shared desk, Amaya began paying attention to what was being said by Iruka. To be honest, she wasn’t sure when exactly he started talking, but it couldn’t be anything other than review material. She scratched her head; perhaps paying more attention would be a good goal for after becoming a genin…


Traveling a little bit back in time, a girl with long auburn hair twirled around the kitchen of a moderately sized home. Today was the day that finally she was going to confess to Sasuke-kun! She wasn’t like all those other girls, who had a little schoolgirl crush on the dark eyed genius; her love was real, she knew it from the depths of her young heart. Like her more fanatical classmates, after hearing of the rumour that Sasuke held a slight preference to long haired girls, she’d grown out her hair to the waist length it was now, of course, it wasn’t as if she stopped going outside to train after learning the fact that Uchihas don’t tan. Asami’s affection wasn’t shallow, and her actions don’t prove otherwise; to be a good match for him, she needs to be strong, to be excellent.

Well, if he doesn’t like her; she’ll just improve herself until he does.

Only thing in her way was the fact that there is already an incredible person beside him, Amaya Uchiha; the feminine counterpart to her object of infatuation. She filled in for everything a romantic interest could, including making Sasuke-kun’s lunch, however, Asami was confident in her cooking skills, after all, she had been taught from a young age! Surely the spoiled daughter of the Uchiha head could not compare!

But first, to finish making this bento!


Long ago, the siblings agreed to never stand out too much.

“Become the best in your class, but never beyond your class; a genius, but never a prodigy.” Those words were just one of the things that Itachi had told them, and that was one they followed to the letter. To be excellent, never falling from the status of first, but nothing beyond what are the highest expectations for a level had they ever shown.

And that saved them.

“So, Amaya-chan, what do you see?” Silver eyes peered at the older woman administering the mentality test.

Two shinobi, one with a hand through another’s chest

Never stand out…

“I see a pretty butterfly.”


“Sasuke-kun, what do you see in this picture?” His blank stare studied the picture, an oddly shaped black blotch on a plain sheet of white.

A man lying in a pool of his own blood

Tell them what they want to hear, tell them that your mind hasn’t already been tainted…

“A furry dog.”


The blond haired jinnchuriki squinted at the picture; he couldn’t find anything that it really looked like. All it was to him was a black thing on a piece of paper

Dad told me that I should never give them a reason to think I was different…

“Er, a flower?” he scratched his head, wondering if that was what he was supposed to say. The woman simply made a small gesture on the clipboard and waved him out.

The shorter the comment, the more likely it is you did something right.


The morning passed, along with the classroom tests and everyone was enjoying the noon hour by stuffing their face with whatever was packed for them that was to be their lunch for the day. Of course, that included the two Uchiha twins; however, it seems that their lunch isn’t going to be peaceful; as per the ritual.

“Sasuke-kun! Try mine! It’s handmade!”

“No! Mine is better, she can’t even cook!”

“Well min-“ Fed up with this, every single day, Amaya stood, angered by the squealing mass that was the Uchiha Sasuke Fanclub; or rather, the flock of shrieking harpies. They’ve done this for the entire time that was spent in the academy- four freaking years– every day, offering their little boxed lunches in complete disregard for the fact that, every day, they would not be receiving attention because, she, Amaya Uchiha, made his lunch. The blue package was put on the table with a purposeful thunk,   which, unlike usual, did not put off all the girls. What is with them today? Are they trying to get on his good side because they think that it’ll get them on his team or something? She glared at them with dark, piercing orbs, telling them silently to back off or suffer the consequences.

Sasuke rose from his seat, completely ignoring the gaggle of insistent fangirls. Gee, Nii-chan, thanks for the help. The girl caught in between the fans and object of their affection sighed inwardly, resigned to needing to put off this hoard of girls by herself, despite the fact that the person responsible had decided that he was going to ignore the problem. Putting her hand to her head, she started to make an attempt at stemming the glows of determination that the still oddly large group had. “All of you, this has been happening for four goddamn years. Take a hint, whatever you’re doing; it’s not going to work.” She stared the group down confidently; she was their idol’s sister, what could they possibly do to her?

To the black haired girl’s surprise, they did do something, and that something wasn’t pleasant. That unpleasantness came from one orange haired, green eyed girl, (who seemed to be the leader of this not-very-small group) “Why Amaya-chan, how about you take a break? It has been four years; let us give you some rest!” The hoard surged forward as one, each intent on getting to Sasuke first, so much so that they didn’t pay any heed to the precious younger twin of their target that they were tipping over in their rush. A stray elbow smashed into her lip, and kicking feet left painful marks that were sure to become purple bruises within the hour, but what finally made both Uchiha twins snap was when it became obvious that everything that was inflicted upon the female Uchiha was intentional, and unless they did something, Amaya was going to get trampled underfoot the fanatical girls.

Two voices sounded out; “Katon: Goukakyou no Jutsu!” Fire flew from their mouths, one fireball noticeably smaller than the other; however, no one was calm enough to register that, seeing as how they had balls of fire bigger than them intent on burning them to a crisp. Iruka took a look at the fleeing students that were running faster than he’s ever seen them run out any opening from the classroom, “Sasuke, Amaya, I don’t think that you should be using that jutsu in the classroom, moreover on your classmates.”  Although he did understand where they were coming from.

All he got in response was two pairs of eyes- both endless pools of darkness, pulling you in the same way a black hole would- pinning the spiky haired teacher with the blandest looks he has ever seen.

Scratching his head nervously, because having two Uchiha staring you down was simply unnerving, Iruka scolded them with the most teacher like tone he could manage about the use of elemental jutsu indoors, especially dangerous elements like fire.

They turned towards him fully, and simultaneously, in perfect unison, the two fair skinned students both gave the flattest, most monotonous, non-commental-


Then turned and leapt out the window.

The young chuunin pineapple head sighed and leaned back into his desk; how many puppies did he kick in his past life to deserve this?


Looking around, the female Uchiha quickly spotted Naruto sitting at the edge of the tree line, doing something that…

“Naruto-kun?” Startled, he dropped the rope and started a disastrous chain reaction, with something heavy falling in the forest, several sounds of straining rope and an almost cracked tree branch left the blond dangled upside down, halfway up a tree.

“Hn. Dobe.”

“What’dya say? Teme!?”


Naruto fanfic, cuz I’m on a Sasuke Spree xD


At least I found this funny..

Yes; my first post is something really stupid, but that’s okay…



Be married to Kurama
Have Lelouch as a brother
Have Ciel as a younger brother
Have Pink as a younger sister
Haruhi as an older sister
Have Inu-papa as a father (the playful, totally awesome version)
Hire Allen to be the accountant
Hire Youko as the treasurer
Get Sebastian to be the butler
Make Train be the security
Buy a pet Sesshomaru
Make C.C. the Leader of Cheese
Get Creus to be a human billboard.


Especially the pet Sesshomaru.

I Cannot Express..

How horrified I am that this corner of my heart has been neglected.

I don’t know; but I cannot contine to post here, as time would not allow. Once in a while, a fanfiction might show up, but that is going to be far and few in between.

However, I am here to talk about the amazing story that is Wisteria; an Inuyasha fanfiction that has captured my heart and held it for so long; as it was that beautiful piece that had made me turn to the art form that is the written work. Writing was creation, to make a world that the characters live in, the characters that take on a life of their own and dance across the pages as their tale is told in black ink. It had turned my scorn for the spinning of words into a deep rooted love, making my happiness soar with every scene completed.

But enough about my not-so-tragic past.

I am here to rant about Wisteria.

I was going to do a scene from it; a very cute moment with chivalrous words and a wonderful atmosphere, and found the perfect person to play the other party (who was an emotionless bastard, what amazing characterization) but suddenly; found my voice lacking. My voice that sounded smooth while singing had broken into an uneven rumble that made its home in my throat. Almost as if I had a cold that was never going to leave me. My speaking voice was a horrible contrast to my singing voice.

It frustrated me.

I attempted voice training that I found over the internet, even consulted with my singing teacher. None of it worked, and I know my singing instructor is capable as she improved my lyrical voice, but to no advil, I couldn’t smooth out my natural registers!

So, for now, I want to try something that is lighter and focuses on higher pitched girl talk, but I will return for the sweet moment that I absolutely adore.

Oh wow.

This is what one would call..

neglect xD

hehe, so, in honor of said neglect, I wrote something… slightly depressing >_>

There’s going to be a happy ending! I promise!

xXPage BreakXx

She sat in her plush, overstuffed seat, curled in onto herself into a depressed ball, slowly counting the seconds that gone by, watching the clock’s hand move with a resounding click. Other than that, the silence was absolute, and nothing but the clock challenged it. Silken raven hair fell across her face, but it was paid little heed, the room too dark, to devoid of anything animated. Oh, how she wanted to step outside the cage, outside of the walls that surrounded her!

But she won’t, she can’t for her brother’s sake, who sacrificed so much to keep her from the plotting royals who would circle her like a pack of starved wolves, who himself had plunged headfirst into that flock of decorated vultures, waiting to rip your throat out.

Even if she missed seeing the ocean, even if she missed feeling the wind on her face, missed smelling the fields of wildflowers that grew around their old estate, she would bare it all, so his sacrifice would not be in vain.

She wanted to run outside and scream “I’m here! I’m alive!” just so she could see the deep pools of obsidian again, the orbs’ darkness a much preferred alternative to the black of the room.

She was selfish, so, so selfish. She didn’t care that people will die if she was discovered, all she wanted was to leap into the arms of the brother that cared for her so many years alone.

But she won’t.

Because he told her to

Because Brother was always right.